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Set List Manager helps bands manage set lists for their gigs. It provides an online application to let band members create, edit, print and share set lists. It's developed as an ASP.NET MVC application using C#.

Key Features
  • The system keeps track of song information you might want to include on a set list (e.g. key, soloist, tempo)
  • Set lists are created via a drag-drop interface - you drag a song onto a set to include it, and drag it up and down to move it in the set
  • Multiple band members can access the system
  • Printed set lists can be customized on a per-user basis to include only the song information they want
  • Old set lists are archived but can be recalled and copied to new set lists
  • Notes can be placed on songs or set lists and can appear when the set list is printed
This project is developed and managed by Mark Bader and David Chesnut. Our goal is to create a free Web site where bands can manage their set lists.

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